Breaking Through With Innovative Ways to Solve Homelessness – Part 1

With zero government funding and 100% reliance on volunteers, the Breakthrough Outreach/Shelters Network has helped 34 people get off the streets in the last six months explains Karen Addato, Executive Director of Breakthrough Outreach/Shelters Network.

Central to their efforts is the Hi-Tech Rover, which is a modified Recreational Vehicle that brings services to the homeless. The RV serves as a place for a shower, as well as provides an opportunity for homeless to connect with social services and, in some cases, reconnect with loved ones.

The Hi-Tech Rover literally and metaphorically provides a vehicle to help the homeless, where they are. With a second Rover on the way and with backing from Adobe, Addato is looking forward to helping more people in Silicon Valley.

Watch part 2 of this interview to see how the Hi-Tech Rover is a building block to a much more comprehensive solution for homelessness.

Note, this was filmed June 9th, 2016 outside the San Jose City Hall.


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