From High-Tech Rover to Upward Mobility Campus Outreach – Part 2

An Upward Mobility Campus, UMC, is what Breakthrough Outreach/Shelters Network proposes to help solve homelessness in Silicon Valley . Breakthrough Outreach/Shelters Network Executive Director, Karen Addato, talks about their multi-prong approach to providing shelter and assistance. This approach builds upon the High-Tech Rover mobile outreach solution and provides different levels of support, based on need.

Addato is looking at an entry level, temporary housing package – what she terms a bronze package – that could serve up to 300 people per month at $7 per person per day with start-up costs of $150,000. The silver package provides more privacy via pop-up tent camps. Permanent, supportive micro-layout housing is the final step in her plan and the design will accommodate up to 700 people on two acres of land.

R.O.V.A., a mobile app, ties together member and sponsors with the various aspects of the proposed programs. To date, sponsors of the Hi-Tech Rover have included individuals, faith-based organizations and corporations, such as Adobe. Addato indicates that more of these sponsorships will be needed to bring the vision she describes above reality.

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Note, this was filmed June 9th, 2016 outside the San Jose City Hall.


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