WNAC Board Meeting Minutes from 4/3/16

April 3, 2016

Attendees: Kirk Vartan, Steve Landau, Ken Pyle, Chris Giangrecco
– Review format of last meeting: what went well, what we can improve

>>Less items on agenda
>>One key speaker

– Agenda for April 20th
– Ken – Freeway caps: who’s doing it, why it is a good thing
>>>>either way, show what is possible (quick presentation)
– VTA presentation/discussion for April meeting

>>Ken-sounds great
>>Steve – If VTA is talking about 280 exit, then freeway caps are appropriate
—-adding 523

>>Short term and long term asks
—-more buses
—-more options

>>Time horizons

– Review Chris VTA list of projects
——- Create questions/concerns for VTA to address
—what is your thinking going forward, how are you partnering with developers and cities, cities/residents
-maybe get general manager
-when is volume of people using service justify service
-how is VTA looking at the region
-Fees that can be applied in certain areas. Who makes these decisions?
-Where is VTA funded? Where does the money come from?
-Multi-modal transportation requirements and direction

– 280 Exit ramp data
– BRT (El Camino and Stevens Creek)
– How do they look at private shuttles..complementary or competition (e.g., Splunk)
– Policy (adding capacity vs. new services)
– VTA does not look like a partner
Urban Villages are being cerated, need for multi modal, 17 trips for 400 units, how is VTA a partner with cities for urban planning, can the cities count of VTA, how do you increase the ridership numbers to make VTA viable
Future Focused Section

Strategy on every other month presentation on specific topics
– Maybe add the attached slide as part of a solution strategy

>>Direction and call to action

>>Make Winchester and Stevens Creek able to:
– Count all cars, bikes, peds in real time
– Make all data available to everyone
– Prioritize emergency vehicles to make them work
– Adaptive signal timing to increase throughput

>>We know the how
>>When know the cost
>>We want you to use it
Good planning
Good financial management
Good Execution
CEO/HR VP from Splunk to come to a WNAC meeting
– What do you want?
– How are you getting here?
– Do you have vehicles?
– What services?

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