11/16/16 Meeting


1. WNAC Business (Officers, mission, minutes, public officials) – 5 min)
2. Highlights from October meeting (5 min)
– Volar meeting discussion/format
– BID review
3. Knight Foundation submissions
4. Meeting best practices (Volar as example) – (10 min)
– What do we do right?  What do we do wrong? Possible solutions.
5. Tri-Village Overview (5 min)
6. Development review (all developments in the area, what’s entitled, what’s happening now, what’s coming up, WAG/SCAG) (60 min)
7. 280 Cap SubCommittee (discuss current 280 Cap status, direction, and suggest formation of a subcommittee to continue focus) (5-10 min)
8. General discussion (done throughout as well) (20-30 min)
9. Next meeting Dec 146:30pm (pot luck) – Open discussion on vision for Tri-Village

Light pizza dinner and cannoli will be provided

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

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