What Activities Would You Like to Do in Retirement? Voice Your Opinion at the 7/8/17 Community Day!

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Existing Neighborhood Garden

Existing Neighborhood Garden

Baby boomers are the fastest growing age group in Santa Clara County, as more than 1/2 the expected population growth of Silicon Valley between now and 2030 is expected to be 65+, according to former head planner for Santa Clara County, Don Weden. With that in mind, what sort of activities should we facilitate to successfully engage an aging population?

Join us this Saturday, July 8th and give us your ideas on the things you would like to see at Pueblo Play, the working name for what will be San Jose’s newest public space/park. Located at 3257 Payne Avenue (between Eden and San Tomas), this 1.9-acre plot of land already has the Sharks Playground, a neighborhood garden and several buildings.

Saturday’s event is intended to start the process of a grassroots effort to shape this new public space. This kick-off will be a brainstorming exercise to elicit ideas and capture thoughts on the kinds of activities that the public would like to see, such as:

  • Bocce Ball, horseshoes, pickleball, etc.
  • Community garden (already one onsite)
  • Dog run/mini-dog park
  • Exercise equipment, bicycle repair station, mini-par course, mini-track, etc.
  • Golf course simulator/putting green, etc.
  • Checkers/chess, other games
  • Outdoor pizza oven, BBQ pits
  • Movie nights
  • Musical instruments
  • Classes, little libraries and other enrichment activities
An example of a little lending library with dog water bowl.

An example of a little lending library with dog water bowl.

Ideally, many of the activities will be cross-generational. Although there isn’t a budget today to implement the brainstorming ideas we come up with, the process is important as it will help inform the city as to what the community would like to see. It also would help inform private partners, who might invest time, materials and dollars to help turn ideas into reality.

And if you are interested in being on a steering committee to help the community shape the future of the Pueblo Play space, let us know by commenting below.

More information on placemaking can be found here:



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