Our City Forest radius for providing free trees and shrubs by 2/28/17.

WNAC – December 20th, 2017 Meeting

Our City Forest planting flyer_GHGThis is the last meeting of the year for the WNAC. We have a good mix of information to share and hope you can join us for a combination Pot Luck and meeting. If you join, please bring enough food or drinks for 2-3 people. There should be plenty of food and we’ll close 2017 properly!

A highlight of tomorrow’s meeting will be a presentation from Our City Forest about a free shrub and tree planting program. Details are here:

Also, we will have a brief introduction to an Internet Service Provider that has an interest in serving our area and to a new developer who has plans for a multi-dwelling unit in the Cadillac Winchester area.

Here is the agenda for next Wednesday’s meeting (a couple items are still tentative):

  1. Introductions/Agenda overview – Kirk (2-3 min)​
  2. Treasurer’s Report, Barbara (1-2 min)​
  3. Cadillac Winchester Neighborhood Association (CWNA) intro and discussion – (10 min)​
  4. Summary of WNAC Beautify SJ 2017/18 grants (Ken) (2 min)​
  5. Park Strip/Free Tree/Shrub Opportunity (Our City Forest – Rob Castañeda) (15 min)​
  6. Pueblo Play Update (PRNS or Jerad) (10-15 min)​
  7. 280 Cap update – Kirk, Ken, Gary (15 min)​
  8. SJ autonomous car program – Ken/Kirk (5-10 min)​
  9. Aron Development at 1495 Winchester Blvd – Aron Dev. (20 min)

Date: Wed, Dec 20
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Cypress Senior Center, 403 Cypress Ave

This is a combination Pot Luck dinner and meeting, Please bring something to feed 2-3 people (food, dessert, or drinks). Please arrive a bit early so we can start promptly at 6:30pm.

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