Capping & Interconnecting Freeways & Expressways – Presentation to United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County

Printable Flyer – Capping the Freeway Printable Flyer – Freeway within a Freeway
The concept of a freeway within a freeway (and expressway) is discussed. The objective is to create communities that are stitched together using existing rights-of-way. This is a long-term project that would utilize technology and good land-use policy to create the transportation network of the future.

This was filmed at the 2016 United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County conference. The above video will play the entire presentation. To see all the particular clips, as well as references, please click on the following category:

The brief overview of a “freeway withing a freeway” is provided by this video

and what is meant by “putting a lid on it” is explained in this video:

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