3/14/17 Meeting

1) WNAC Business (Officers, mission, minutes, public officials)

a) Volar letter
b) WAG/SCAG letter
c) SCU-WNAC collaboration
d) Micro-housing update

2) Updates from Councilmembers Chappie Jones (D1) and Dev Davis (D6)

3) 280 Cap Sub-Committee

4) Volar letter recap and WAG/SCAG letter

5) Project for Public Spaces placemaking efforts (Santa Clara)

6) Councilmember Chappie Jones project updates

a) Participatory budget (process/100K)
b) Review of Project Hope (Cadillac area)
c) Pueblo Play 1.9 acre new park acquisition (almost) (WNAC Comments PDF)

7) State of the Valley 2017 report: each attendee to give 60-90 second recap (5-8 individual comments = 8-10 min)
8) Smart Poles Sub-Committee
9) Next meeting April 19 – 6:30pm

And, of course, a pizza snack and cannoli will be available for participants.

February 2017 Meeting Minutes (PDF)3/14/17 Meeting

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