09/20/17 – Meeting, Winchester Ranch/Santana Row, Robo Guard & More


Sept-18-2017-DRAFT meetingminutes

Presentation slides from the above meeting

Link to the referenced Tri-Village Cap Website 

Link to the Autonomous Security Guard video

Clarification from Kirk Vartan:

On Wed, Sept 20 at the WNAC meeting, I stated that Santa Clara filed a CEQA lawsuit against San Jose’s Tri-Village plan (the three Urban Villages: Winchester, Santana Row/Valley Fair, and Stevens Creek). I was misinformed and that was not accurate. I should have stated that Santa Clara filed an Administrative Appeal with the City of San Jose, but nothing has been filed with the courts at this time (at least the San Jose City Attorney is not aware of anything).  This is also consistent with what Santa Clara Mayor Gillmor stated in the study session held earlier this month, where she stated she is interested in working with San Jose and others collaboratively, without relinquishing any rights the City might have to file a suit in the future.

Please see the letter sent by the Thomas Law Group representing Santa Clara to San Jose for more information.

sc-letter-to-sj-sept-13-2017 – CEQA EIR

I apologize for the confusion.

DATE: Wednesday, September 20th

TIME: 6:30 pm – 8:30pm

LOCATION: Cypress Community Center, Room 5 (403 S. Cypress Ave, San Jose)

1. WNAC Business (Officers, mission, minutes, public officials)
1a. Notice of elections – To be held October 18th
2. Updates from Councilmembers Chappie Jones (D1) and Dev Davis (D6)
3. WNAC BeautifySJ Grant submission/discussion
4. 280 Cap Sub-Committee update
5. Autonomous Robot Security Guard
6. Santana Row/Valley Fair Urban Village Discussion:
Focus on Winchester Ranch Mobile Home Park
7. Next meeting October 18th

A light pizza dinner and cannoli will be provided at this meeting. Bring your own drinks

An interesting point of discussion could be the City of San Jose memo sent to the City of Santa Clara regarding Urban Village Plans.


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