TOD with Teachers Village at Dicks

What about Adding Teachers Housing to Dick’s Center?

The question is asked whether teachers housing could replace some or all of the 200 – 300k sq. ft. of commercial development at Dick’s Center.* Michael Brilliot provide insight into the background of the urban village plans and the great compromise that preserves single family homes in exchange for greater density in the urban villages.

ADUs will be part of the answer, but Billiot expects only an annual addition of 200 or so ADUs to the housing stock. Going forward, he suggests there could be opportunities for the types of mid-density developments that aren’t being built today, such as duplexes, condominiums, etc, as these are more affordable to build.

* Dick’s Center is the 1950s era shopping center that is effectively across the street from Del Mar High School and is slated for redevelopment as the Gateway Station. (PDC Plan Set – 2nd Submittal, 5/4/18)

TOD with Teachers Village at Dicks

TOD with Teachers Village at Dicks


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