Kitchen in an ADU.

9/20/18 – Open House and Information Session on Accessory Dwelling Unit

ADUs – The Rules Have Changed

City of Santa Clara Mayor, LIsa Gillmor, explains how the process for building ADUs has become much easier, thanks to legislative changes. By simplifying the qualification and permit process, it is much easier for homeowners to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit on their property and help contribute to a solution for Silicon Valley’s housing crisis.

ADUs – Opportunity to Reconnect

City of Santa Clara Councilmember, Teresa O’neill, talks to how Accessory Dwelling Units can help an elderly person stay in their home by giving them additional rental income to make ends meet. The potential value of an ADU goes beyond dollars and cents and has an emotional value, as an ADU can help the homeowner connect with family or new neighbors.

The ADU Design and Build Process

Greg Popovich, the general contractor who oversaw the design and construction of Yuki Ikeza’s ADU, discusses the process of that effort. He indicates that the focus of his firm, Goldbar Builders, LLC, is now on ADUs, as he sees this as a way to help build our way out of the area’s housing crisis. He briefly describes the HATS program (Housing Affordability for Teacher Sustainment), which is a way to use ADUs to provide affordable housing for teachers.

ADU Overview from the Owner

Yuki Ikeza provides insight as to what inspired her to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit on her property and how the rules have changed to make it easier for homeowners to add these secondary units. Her unit provides needed housing, while blending in with the existing neighborhood.

Questions about ADUs

Yuki Ikezi addresses questions she had when she decided to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit to her property, including:

  • How could privacy be ensured?
  • What size should it be?
  • How do I find a contractor?
  • How much does it cost? Although she doesn’t give specific figures on her project, she recommends the Second Unit Resources Center as a resource to get estimates.
  • How to finance the design and build? She tapped a home equity loan
  • What about rental rates and return on investment? She used the aforementioned calculator, as well as confirmed rental market via Zillow and Craigslist.
  • What about the timeline? Met with Goldbar Builders in December 2017, submitted plans in March 2018, permit in May 2018, construction commenced in June 2018 and final approvals were in September 2018.
  • What sort of fees did you have to pay? Approximately $2,000 to the City of Santa Clara and $2,000 to the school districts
  • What about utility hook-ups? The ADU shares water, sewer and electrical, with a sub-meter to separate energy consumption of the ADU from the main house. All appliances are electrical. A tankless natural gas-powered water heater is used for the ADU (the gas is not separately metered).
  • How is mail delivered to the ADU tenant?
  • Do I need to move out of my house during construction?

You are invited to an open house and information session on how to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

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In keeping with the WNAC’s theme this year of finding ways to make housing affordable in our region, we are co-sponsoring this rare opportunity to tour a newly built ADU on an existing property. Yuki Ikezi, the visionary and homeowner has graciously opened up her new ADU for a public viewing. She will be there along with her contractor, Goldbar Builders, LLC, to answer questions from the public. The following

The following is Yuki Ikezi’s description of this unique opportunity.

Open house at a newly-built ADU (or granny unit) in Santa Clara.

  • An attached unit to a single-family home
  • Kitchen, full bath, and one bedroom with in-unit washer/dryer
  • Built for rental

Find out about

  • How to take advantage of a new state law and city ordinance that have removed many of the hurdles for getting a permit. You can now get a permit over the counter.
  • Project steps (planning, permitting, financing, and construction)
  • Financial aspects (construction costs, fees, financing, and potential rental income)

An ADU can be a good investment because of a strong demand for housing in the Bay Area. Or it could be a great living space for your family members.

Meet with Mayor Lisa Gillmor and other city officials and hear about what Santa Clara is doing to meet the housing needs in our community.

Greg Popovich from Goldbar Builders, LLC, will answer your construction-related questions.

This is one way homeowners can take advantage of the new ADU ordinance and help alleviate our housing crisis. See you at the event!

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